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What data/analytics can I observe on privateMetrics®?


privateMetrics® products are split into indices, benchmarks, and valuation analytics.

  • Indices include privateMetrics® flagship indices including the private2000, private 3000, and their key geographic segments. The PECCS™ indices offer hundreds of combinations of two segments of PECCS™ classes and geographic regions, e.g., PECCS™ US Manufacturing. Indices are available with a history of over 10 years and come with more than 40 metrics summarising the performance, risk, and valuation ratios.

  • Benchmarks: PECCS™ benchmarks allow thousands of combinations of more than two segments and also accommodate the mixing and matching of the available indices with custom weights to match any portfolio.

  • Valuation analytics harness the power of our in-house valuations of more than 1 million private companies to provide the best starting point for performing any valuation of a private asset. The valuation analytics includes more than 20 financial and valuation metrics from price ratios to risk measures like VaR, and factor exposures. Users can drill down into specific segments by geography and PECCS pillars (Activity, Lifecycle Phase, Revenue Model, Customer Model, and Value Chain), offering thousands of combinations to select the most appropriate peers.

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