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1. Data Collection Standard

MARCH 2020

The Global Infrastructure Investment Data Standard is part of Scientific Infra and Private Assets’s effort to standardise performance reporting for the infrastructure asset class. It addresses the data gaps that the World Bank, OECD, and G20 have identified as important barriers to future private infrastructure investment.

It is part of a suite of documents describing the foundations of Scientific Infra and Private Assets indices, including the Infrastructure Company Classification Standard known as TICCS®, the Infrastructure Indices Methodology Standard and the Unlisted Infrastructure Asset-Pricing Methodology.

Global investors involved in unlisted infrastructure or considering investing face important questions of internal or external reporting, including issues of adequacy and consistency of reports, making the measurement of risk-adjusted performance more difficult.

The standardisation of data collection and the production of standardised financial metrics of risk and performance allow the performance of unlisted infrastructure investments with other asset classes to be compared more transparently.

The increased transparency created by this data standard supports the development of the infrastructure asset class.

For this purpose, this global data standard identifies information that is:

  • reasonably available in a standardised format;

  • a subset of all the available information investors have access to; and

  • focused on the most systematic aspects of private infrastructure companies' performance, that is, it is not overly specific to different types of infrastructure.

The 2020 Scientific Infra and Private Assets Data Standard is solely concerned with financial performance and does not cover the collection or definition of so-called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. 

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