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Risk classes of the superclass E1 - Nature

ER 1.1 Resource loss risk:

Access to natural resources can be understood as the opportunity and the ability to make use of the natural resources required for the activities of the infrastructure company.

ER 1.1.1 Quality risk:

The deterioration of quality of natural resources in a given geographic region, associated with activities of infrastructure companies such as pollution.

ER 1.1.2 Availability risk:

The depletion in the stock of a natural resource in a given geographic region, associated with human activities such as over-consumption.

ER 1.2 Physical Risk-ex climate change:

The class of physical risks looks at the risks that infrastructure assets face from physical events that are not exacerbated by climate change.

ER 1.2.1 Solid-mass-related risks:

The risk resulting from the displacement of the physical movement of the earth i.e. seismic risk. The risks from volcanoes, earthquakes and subsidence (from groundwater pumping and compacting of soil) fall under this category.

ER 1.2.2 Water-related risks:

The physical risk resulting from too much or too little water at any given location. The risks from tsunamis fall under this category.

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