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3.4.1 E1 - Nature

The Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) understands nature, or the natural world, as the diversity of living organisms (including people) and their interactions among themselves and their environment. Nature can be understood through a construct of four realms: Land, Ocean, Freshwater, and Atmosphere. In addition to this, TNFD considers biodiversity as a fundamental building block of nature (TNFD, 2022).

All infrastructure assets require construction, conduct specific activities and operations throughout their design life, require regular maintenance and, finally, undergo refurbishment or decommissioning. The super-class of nature considers the potential positive and negative impacts that the infrastructure company can have on an affected region by means of consuming, depleting, disturbing, polluting, conserving, restoring or protecting the four realms of nature.

TNFD (2022). Understanding nature: TNFD’s definitions of nature. Available at: (Accessed on 6 June 2022).

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