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3. TICCS®+

MARCH 2023

TICCS®+ is an exhaustive, objective, and parsimonious taxonomy of the ESG impacts and risks that are, by design, relevant to all infrastructure companies.

At its most granular level, the taxonomy identifies and classifies the environmental and social impacts and risks, and outlines the principles of corporate governance, material to infrastructure companies. This taxonomy thus creates an analytical framework of ESG issues found in the infrastructure sector: TICCS®+ is an ontology of ESG for infrastructure investment.

TICCS®+ is built using the classification theory and first principles approach specifically for infrastructure assets. It consists of 3 pillars:

  1. The Environmental Pillar (EI and ER subclasses)

  2. The Social Pillar (SI and SR subclasses)

  3. The Governance Pillar (G classes)

TICCS®+ is based on well-established theoretical frameworks and fundamental concepts or mechanisms, making it compatible with widely adopted international frameworks. It also serves as a meta-standard that enables the mapping of identified impact and risk classes with various ESG standards, regulatory classifications, and reporting requirements.

The full TICCS®+ standard is available for download

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