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Model 6: Storage (IC4030)

The TICCS industrial class IC4030 (Energy Resource Storage Companies) describes the assets related to the storage of natural gas and other resources. For this industrial class, we focus on all subclasses for which we have reported data or can predict emissions. We apply ABMs using manually retrieved, asset-specific information on an asset’s annual storage volume (in Mm3).

We used different EFs to predict Scope 1 and 3 emissions of gas storages, respectively. To model Scope 1 emissions, we assume that those emissions originate only from leakage. Hence, we rely on the global warming potential (GWP) of methane (CH4), which is the main component of natural gas. To model Scope 3 emissions, we used an EF representing CO2.

We estimate Scope 1 and 3 emissions for gas storage (IC403010) based on the following:

Scope 1 [tCO2e] = gas volume [Mm3] x EF [tCH4/Mm3] x (GWP of CH4)[1]

Scope 3 [tCO2] = gas volume [Mm3] x EF [kgCO2/m3] x 103

Scope 2 emissions are not modelled because the available data does not allow us to build a reliable ABM. The same applies to liquid storage assets (IC403020).

[1] The global warming power of CH4 (methane) is 25. This measure follows a 100-year period, for which 1 is the global warming power of 1.

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