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Model 5: LNG and Oil (IC4020)

The TICCS industrial class IC4020 (Energy Resource Processing Companies) includes assets that deal with the transformation of natural gas and oil. For this industrial class, we focus on all subclasses for which we have reported data or can predict emissions. We apply ABMs using manually retrieved, asset-specific information on an asset’s liquid natural gas (LNG) throughput in tons of liquid and volume of gas. We use different EFs for each subclass to distinguish how many tons of CO2 are released in liquefaction (IC402010) and regasification (IC402020) processes.

We estimate Scope 1 and 3 emissions based on the following equations:

Scope 1 [tCO2e] = LNG throughput [tons] x EF [tCO2e/tons]

Scope 3 [tCO2] = LNG throughput [Gm3] x EF [kgCO2/m3] x 1e6

Scope 2 emissions are considered negligible as LNG terminals produce their own electricity by burning natural gas.

For crude oil refineries (IC402030), Scope 2 emissions are considered negligible for the same reason. Additionally, the available data does not allow us to estimate Scope 1 and 3 emissions.


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