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2.2 Eligibility Criteria

Geography and Market of Issue

The companies included in the index all belong to 'principal markets' as defined in the Universe Standard, and for which enough data is available to compute the value and performance of these unlisted infrastructure investments (see Data Collection Standard for more details)


Securities included in the index can be denominated in any of the relevant market currencies. Index performance is reported, alternatively, in local currency, US dollars (USD), euros (EUR), pound Sterling (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Canadian dollars (CAD) or Australian dollars (AUD).


Each security included in the index must have a maturity greater than one year from the rebalancing date. There is no maturing of securities while they are in the index.

Coupon types

Securities included in the index can have a fixed coupon or floating interest payments using a range of benchmark rates.


A minimum size of USD1m market value on each rebalancing date is required to be included in the index.

Minimum data availability

EDHECinfra relies on detailed security-level and borrower-level data to compute the performance of each security included in the index, many of which are not traded an on exchange and for which no individual market price is available. Securities cannot be included in the index if the minimum data requirements set out in the EDHECinfra methodology are not met.


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