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1.4.2 Converting weights to number of constituents

Having assigned the weights for countries, we need a method to translate the fractional country and activity weights into the number of companies. It is performed in the following manner:

  1. Country weights are multiplied by size of the index (i.e., 2000 for the private2000 index or 3000 in the case of private3000), and the resultant numbers are rounded down to their closest whole integers.

  2. Assign the number of companies to each country according to the number obtained in the first step.

  3. Rank the difference between the country weight times 2000 (or 3000) and the rounded-down number.

  4. Assign companies successively starting from the largest difference and proceed iteratively till 2000 (or 3000) total companies are reached.

  5. For PECCS activity weights, repeat the same procedure as indicated by Steps 1 to 4 for each country, but instead of starting with 2000 (or 3000) begin with the number of companies assigned in steps 1-4.

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