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2.6.1 TICCS® Review Committee

The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard or TICCS® is an industry standard defining taxonomies used for the classification of infrastructure companies and investments.

Structure of the TICCS® Bodies

Review Committee

The TICCS Review Committee is composed of fifteen to twenty members, including one Chairman and one Secretary, that represent different aspects of the infrastructure investment ecosystem. It aims to include an equal number of asset owners (pension plans, insurers, etc.) and asset managers or commercial banks as well as other standard setting bodies, regulators and academics.

TICCS Review Committee members are formally invited by the Management Committee either at the invitation of the members or to replace members who have left. The Review Committee includes a Chair and a Secretary who are tacitly re-appointed each year unless they resign or a new appointment is required.

Role of the Chairman: The Chairman of the Review Committee organizes and conveys the meetings and discussions of the committee so that the consultation responses can be discussed, and any recommendations made in a timely manner.

Role of the Secretary: The Secretary of the Review Committee ensures that the committee’s deliberations are properly recorded and favourable or unfavourable votes counted. The minutes will document the date of the meeting, attendees, a summary of the topics discussed as well as the recommendations made. The Secretary ensures that a quorum of seven is present when the Committee meets.

The positions taken by the members of the Review Committee are not binding with respect to Scientific Infra & Private Assets, EDHEC Business School, or their own institution. Participation on the Review Committee takes place without any remuneration or compensation and members’ expenses are not reimbursed.

In 2022, members of the TICCS Review Committee included:

  1. Andrew Knight (RICS) – Chairman

  2. Avi Turetsky (Landmark Partners) – Secretary

  3. Mark Blair (OTTP)

  4. Tony Li (OTTP) 

  5. Serge Lauper (BlackRock)

  6. Anne-Christine Champion (Natixis)

  7. James Davis (OPTrust)

  8. Christophe Dossarp (SOURCE)

  9. Marie Lam-Frendo (Global Infrastructure Hub)

  10. Trevor Lewis (Asian Development Bank)

  11. Christoph Manser (Swiss Life)

  12. Laurence Monnier

  13. Petya Nikolova (New York City Comptroller’s Office)

  14. Paul Shantic (CALSTRS)

  15. Marija Simpraga (LGIM)

  16. Nicholas Tan (Clifford Capital)

  17. Joss Blamire (GRESB)

  18. Fraser Hughes (GLIO)

Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of five members: a chairman, secretary, and three senior members of Scientific Infra & Private Assets.

Current members of the TICCS Management Committee are:

  1. Frédéric Blanc-Brude (Chairman)

  2. Jack Lee (Secretary)

  3. Noël Amenc

  4. Abhishek Gupta

  5. Tim Whittaker

Scientific Infra & Private Assets bears all costs related to the management, printing, and dissemination of TICCS® and TICCS® documents.

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