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How accurate are your estimations for carbon metrics?


Our models accurately capture the systematic component of carbon emissions of companies across infrastructure sectors. The models are aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and with the PCAF’s Global GHG Accounting and Reporting Standard, with an average PCAF score for our models of 2.74.

During our research, we tested the accuracy of our carbon metrics. In a case study, we used a portfolio of 43 infra investments and estimated its carbon emissions. Adding up the estimated emissions of all its assets, we find that our example portfolio’s Scope 1+2 emissions are 88.34 tCO2/USDmn Revenue. Verifying this result against the reported emissions, we find that the Scope 1+2 emissions are 80.10 tCO2/USDmn Revenue - a minimal difference compared to the reported data. 

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