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2.7.2 Index maintenance


The indices are reviewed and rebalanced on a quarterly basis. In addition, the Index Committee reserves the right to make adjustments to an index at any time that it believes appropriate.

Additions, deletions and other changes to the index arising from the rebalancing are made provided the security’s reference information and pricing are available on the rebalancing reference date. Changes to the index are published on the announcement date and become effective on the rebalancing date.

Rebalancing Schedule

Rebalancing Frequency


Rebalancing Date

Last day of the quarter (T)

Announcement Date


Reference Date


Note: Day counts represent business days.

Ongoing Maintenance

The indices are also reviewed on an ongoing basis to account for the following:

  • Credit events:
    If security is included in the index defaults, the price reported by the model is used. However, the Index Committee may determine that the security in question be included in the index at a different price and may determine the weight or a price of zero.

  • Data availability:
    If underlying data for security is included in the index is no longer reported, the latest available data is used in the valuation models. Securities included in the index for which data is no longer available or has not been reported for more than six quarters are removed at the next rebalancing date.

Currency of calculation

All indices in the infraMetrics® Broadmarket Private Debt Index Family are reported, alternatively, in local currency, US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollars (CAD), or Australian Dollars (AUD).

These indices are also available in other reporting currencies, as mentioned in the section on index policy and dissemination. Foreign exchange rates are taken from Datastream® at the end of each quarter and averaged over the quarter.

Base Dates and History


Launch Date

First Value Date

Base Date

Base Value

infraMetrics® Broadmarket Private Debt Index





infraMetrics® Broadmarket Project Finance Debt Index





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