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3.1.1 TICCS®+ V2.0

The first version of the ESG Risks and Impacts of Infrastructure Companies Classification Standard (TICCS®+) was published in a Scientific Infra & Private Assets research paper in 2021. This document presents the updated 2023 version of the classification system.

The objectives of the ESG taxonomy are to define:

  • ESG classes that are always relevant to some extent to any infrastructure asset and service so that, at the aggregate level, different infrastructure investments can be directly compared;

  • ESG classes that can be described as a function of objective parameters, leaving no or little room for interpretation;

  • A taxonomy that is not a laundry list but a dynamic classification system that can be expected to explain, in part, the market or social value of a given infrastructure investment on a relative basis. In other words, it helps to measure the relative exposure of individual infrastructure companies to ESG risk factors and determine the relationship between ESG and value.      

TICCS®+  is an exhaustive taxonomy of the impacts and risks that are relevant to infrastructure companies. At its most granular level, it identifies and classifies the environmental and social impacts and risks material of infrastructure companies and defines the principles of corporate governance that should guide the operations of these companies.

This taxonomy thus defines the boundaries of ESG applicable to the infrastructure asset class.

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