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What is the difference between the infra300® index and the Global Infrastructure segment on the Valuation Data and Tools product? Are they correlated?


The infra300® is a selection of 300 constituents, chosen to best represent our unlisted infrastructure universe according to segment allocations across TICCS®, equity styles, and more. The infra300® is an equity index designed to be a representative benchmark tracking the performance of the global unlisted infrastructure market. 

The Global Infrastructure segment within the Valuation Data and Tools product pulls all available data points from all 800+ companies within our universe. Thus, this segment is not the same as the infra300® given that it pulls data points from a larger sample size.

However, they are correlated, and thus you can still utilise the metrics within the Valuation Data and Tools product to the better understand which factors can be attributed to the infra300®’s performance. 

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