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When and why are firms removed from the index universe?


An infrastructure company is removed from the Index (or Sample) Universe only if:

  • it expires in less than the minimum time to maturity (for infrastructure projects)

  • it is less than the minimum size threshold

  • it is bankrupt

  • it has been acquired by another firm

  • it ceases to report its financials for more than two years

Universe exclusion criteria:

  1. Minimum time to maturity: 1 year

  2. Minimum size threshold: USD 50m in total assets

Things to consider

When an asset-level company (ProjCo) is acquired by a holding company (HoldCo) whose sole purpose is to hold ProjCo and some extra financing (usually senior debt), ProjCo is excluded from the Index from the acquisition (quarter end) date onward and replaced by HoldCo. ProjCo and HoldCo are considered to be different firms and are identified differently. 

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