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2.7.1 Index Governance

Index Committee

The EDHECinfra Index Committee maintains the indices. All committee members are full-time professionals at EDHEC Business School, EDHECinfra or Scientific Infra. Meetings are held regularly.

The Index Committee oversees the management of the indices, including rebalancing, maintenance and inclusion policies, and other matters affecting the maintenance and calculation of the indices.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Index Committee has full and complete discretion to

  1. amend, apply, or exempt the application of index rules and policies as circumstances may require; and

  2. add, remove, or by-pass any security in determining the composition of an index.

The Index Committee may rely on any information or documentation submitted to it or gathered by it that it believes to be accurate. The Index Committee reserves the right to reinterpret publicly available information and to make changes to the indices based on a new interpretation of that information at its sole discretion. All Index Committee discussions are confidential and final.

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