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2.1.3 Sideloading with WINDOWS® OS

STEP 1: Share a folder

  • In File Explorer on the Windows computer where you want to host your add-in, go to folder you want to use as your shared folder catalogue.

  • Right-click the folder you want to use as your shared folder catalogue and choose Properties.

  • Within the Properties dialogue window, open the Sharing tab and then choose the Share button.

  • Within the Network access dialogue window, add yourself and any other users and/or groups with whom you want to share your add-in. You'll need at least Read/Write permission to the folder. After you've finished choosing people to share with, choose the Share button.

  • When you see the Your folder is shared confirmation, make note of the full network path that's displayed immediately following the folder name. (You'll need to enter this value as the Catalog Url when you specify the shared folder as a trusted catalogue, as described in the next section of this article.) Choose the Done button to close the Network access dialogue window.

  • Choose the Close button to close the Properties dialog window.


STEP 2: Configure Trust

  • Open a new document in Excel

  • Choose the File tab, and then choose Options.

  • Choose Trust Center, and then choose the Trust Center Settings button.

  • Choose Trusted Add-in Catalogs.

  • In the Catalog Url box, enter the full network path to the folder that you shared previously. If you failed to note the folder's full network path when you shared the folder, you can get it from the folder's Properties dialog window, as shown in the following screenshot.

  • After you've entered the full network path of the folder into the Catalog Url box, choose the Add catalog button.

  • Select the Show in Menu check box for the newly added item, and then choose the OK button to close the Trust Center dialog window.

  • Choose the OK button to close the Options dialogue window.

  • Close and reopen the Office application so your changes will take effect.


STEP 3: Sideload the add-in

  • Put the manifest XML file of the add-in into the shared folder catalogue. Note that you deploy the web application itself to a web server. Be sure to specify the URL in the <SourceLocation> element of the manifest file.

  • In Excel, select Home > Add-ins from the ribbon, then select Get Add-ins. In Project, select My Add-ins on the Project tab of the ribbon.

  • Choose SHARED FOLDER at the top of the Office Add-ins dialog box.

  • Select the name of the add-in and choose Add to insert the add-in. 


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