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1.1.2 Installing via Office 365 Admin Cloud

This will need administrator access for Office 365 for steps 1-6.

Once the add-in is successfully installed, it will be available to all or specific users for the domain.

For example:

If the domain is, users under the organization of xyz will have the access to the add-in.

STEP 1:  Go and login on


On the left, click on Settings and Integrated Apps.

STEP 2:  Integrated Apps


Below, click the option “Upload custom apps”.

STEP 3:  Upload  the manifest file


A new window will open and you will be presented with this option:

Under App type, select “Office Add-in.” Next, you can choose to either upload the manifest file we provided or provide the link ( Once done, it will validate the manifest and upload it.

STEP 4:  Select Users


You can choose whether it will be available to everyone within the organization or to specific people only. 

STEP 5:  Accept Permissions Requests


STEP 6:  Manifest published


Manifest is successfully published

STEP 7:  Under the Home tab, follow the button for Add-ins


Note: If Add-ins is not visible, please do the following: On Windows, click on the File tab, go to Options > Customize Ribbon, and select the Add-in check box.

STEP 8:  The privateMetrics app should be available under ADMIN MANAGED

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