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1.6.1 Climate risk task pane

There are multiple ways to interact with our product that tailors to all levels of Microsoft Excel Users. One is via the Task pane. For the Task Pane we have controls and searchable inputs that would give you suggestions as you type.

To start with, Our Task pane can be open via the Ribbon Toolbar under the PrivateMetrics tab.


From there we can click Climates to open the task pane.

Climates Overview

This will open the task pane on the right hand side of the window. From there we can select infraMetrics® climates

infraMetrics® climates - Climate data for private infrastructure equity and debt markets.

The Query Builder


Our Query Builder is designed to be simple yet intuitive to use. On this section we will be explaining the elements that are present in this user interface

Group 1041 (1).jpg

  1. Title Bar - It will show the current App or Product we are in right now and a Go Back button to go to the previous menu.

  2. Index Selector - This will list all the indices that belongs to either infraMetrics® or privateMetrics® .

Depending on the user’s permission some might be locked and disabled.

  1. Metric Search - Users will be able to search/filter via keywords the metrics they want. We have shown a small description to give users idea about the metric

  2. Helpers (See Metric/Index Details) - Once hovered this will show the description of the selected index/metric.

  3. Reset Button - Will reset all the input.

  4. Query Button - This will make a query based on the input above. And the results will be displayed in the active cell selected on the sheet.


Once everything is ready. We can hit the Query button and we can see the results on our sheet.

Query Results


Active Sheet:

On the active sheet, this will show the data, and a formula is wrapped for the range it encompasses.

It will also show other metadata like the date it was reported and the value date.

This will also show other metadata in the future like tickers and index name this is under development.

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